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  • U.S. Indian Head Cent 1870 Good

    1870 Indian Head Cent Good

    Collectors love Indian Head pennies! The quintessentially American coin features a native princess who was intended to be a Liberty personification. At the time, virtually every other U.S. coin denomination displayed Liberty, but the Wild West flavor of...

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  • U.S. Indian Head Cent 1871 Good

    1871 Indian Head Cent Good

    Everyone loves this historic U.S. Mint penny, whose Indian Princess design has a quintessentially American look. Just 3,929,500 of these classic 95% copper cents were minted over fourteen decades ago. With great buying power in their day, most endured...

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    1872 Indian Head Cent Good

    1872 Indian Head Cent Good

    In 1872, nearly 150 years ago, Ulysses S. Grant was elected president, American suffragist Susan B. Anthony was arrested for voting, Yellowstone was established as the world's first national park and the inaugural Montgomery Ward catalog was mailed. That...

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  • U.S. Indian Head Cent 1874 Good

    1874 Indian Head Cent Good

    Mintage for this tough to find cent was just 14,187,500 -- later Indian Head penny issues had outputs of over 100 million. At the height of the Civil War, bronze pennies like this replaced the copper-nickel type because nickel was needed for armaments...

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  • 1876 Indian Head Cent Good

    1876 Indian Head Cent Good

    Dated 1876, this classic bronze Indian Head cent had a low mintage of just 7.9 million. Just two years later, outputs would reach the tens of millions and would even surpass 100 million in 1907. Our Good quality retains basic designs with clear...

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  • U.S. Indian Head Cent 1877 Good

    1877 Indian Head Cent Good

    In 1877, merely 852,500 Indian Head pennies were issued by the Philadelphia Mint - one for every 50 Americans then living. Comparatively few Americans collected pennies by date at the time, and there was a penny shortage in commerce, so the vast majority...

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  • U.S. Indian Head Cent 1878 Good

    1878 Indian Head Cent Good

    This classic Indian Head cent, dated 1878, had an exceedingly low mintage of just 5.8 million. At that time outputs were significantly higher and in an issue later in the series reached over 100 million. The reverse displays the U.S. Shield and laurel...

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