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Indian Head Cents

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    U.S. 1887-1909 Indian Head Cent Set of 3 Different Good

    1887-1909 Indian Head Cent Set of 3 Different Good

    Everyone loves this classic U.S. Mint penny, whose Indian Princess design has a quintessentially American look. The reverse displays the U.S. Shield and laurel wreath which originated in 1860, on the eve of the Civil War. We'll choose three different...

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  • U.S. Indian Head Cent 1890, Good

    1890 Indian Head Cent Good

    Just 57 million of these well-loved pennies were produced well over a century ago today billions of pennies are output annually.  In its day, this one cent coin could buy a wide variety of penny candies or even a fresh country egg.  Five of...

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  • 1890 to 1899 Indian Head Cent 10 Coin Set Good

    A true American classic, the Indian Head cent is among the most popular of all U.S. coins. It was the first long-lived cent and its convenient compact size and quintessentially American design has ensured its enduring popularity.The Indian Head cent was...

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  • 1892 Indian Head Cent Good

    Just 37,647,087 of these coins were output in 1892 when the population of the U.S. was about 62 million people. Due to the spending power of a penny in those days, the limited number produced were heavily circulated. Imagine the items this cent might...

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  • 1897 Indian Head Cent Good

    The total mintage of this Indian Head penny was 50,464,392 at a time when population of the U.S. had reached over 70 million people. Since there were comparatively few to go around, many were worn heavily at a time when a penny had serious...

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  • 1859 Indian Head Cent Good

    The first copper-nickel Indian Head issue was originally called a nickel because at the time, pennies were the only coins with nickel content used in American commerce. The composition was altered a few years later due to hoarding during the Civil War...

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  • U.S. Indian Head Cent 1870 Good

    1870 Indian Head Cent Good

    Collectors love Indian Head pennies! The quintessentially American coin features a native princess who was intended to be a Liberty personification. At the time, virtually every other U.S. coin denomination displayed Liberty, but the Wild West flavor of...

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