U.S. Morgan Silver Dollar 1884-O Brilliant Uncirculated

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New Orleans
Brilliant Uncirculated
90% Silver

Morgan silver dollar mintages steadily rose in the 1880s, when silver was still pouring out of the great Western mines. But unlike other coins of the day, many Morgans were held in reserve at banks and issuing mints. And vast quantities of these Morgans were later lost in government melts.

That means that original mintages can be very deceiving in relation to the actual number of Morgans now surviving for individual issues. For example, just one-third of this 1884-O issue may survive today in mint-state quality.

Our Brilliant Uncirculated quality coins never entered commerce and they have no sign of wear and the same original luster as when they were minted 13 decades ago. Our Brilliant Uncirculated quality has nice original luster and no sign of wear (some bags marks are present, as is normal).