U.S. Peace Silver Dollar 1934-S Very Fine

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San Francisco
Very Fine
90% Silver

In 1934, America was in the middle of the Great Depression. Money was hard to come by and prices for most items had gone down from their 1920s levels. Gold coins had been removed from commerce and silver dollars hadn't been struck since 1928. But in 1934 Congress decided to stimulate commerce and hard-asset monetary value by reviving the U.S. Peace silver dollar, which had been introduced after World War I. However, the San Francisco Mint struck only 1.0 million Peace silver dollars for circulation in 1934. That was merely 2% of the 1922 Philadelphia Peace dollar production! Today the 1934-S Peace dollar is the scarcest issue by far for the date. Our nicely detailed Very Fine quality saw very limited circulation in the Depression years.
Diameter 38.1mm, Weight 26.73 grams, Composition .900 silver