U.S. Susan B. Anthony Complete 18 Coin Set BU-Proof with FREE Album

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This ground-breaking mini dollar coin was intended to save the U.S. Mint production costs over the big Eisenhower dollar. But the nation's first small dollar series didn't gain wide public acceptance in commerce. The principal reason was that the coin closely resembled the quarter in color and size. And U.S. dollar bills were not phased out when the SBA dollar was introduced.

Comparatively few of these pioneering issues struck for commerce remain today in Brilliant Uncirculated quality with original luster and absolutely no sign of wear (some surface scratches may be present, as is normal). Our complete 18-coin collection also includes all the limited-mintage proof issues in the series _Ì´ÌÔ even the key 1979 Clear S issue (estimated mintage just 360,000). We'll include a bonus sturdy Dansco album with the collection.