America's First Commemorative Proof Coin

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U.S. 1982 Washington Half Dollar Proof. Two hundred years ago, the U.S. Mint issued its first coins under George Washington's presidency. But it was not until 1982 that an official U.S. commemorative coin was made generally available to the collecting public in magnificent proof quality. Proof coins are the highest form of minting, with images double-struck for a sharp relief effect, frosted for distinctive elegance and contrasting with sparkling mirror backgrounds.

Until the 1982 George Washington silver half dollar proof took the collecting world by storm, there hadn't been a 90% silver U.S. coin struck since 1964 or a U.S. Mint commemorative coin issued since 1954. The 250th anniversary of Washington's birth was deemed an occasion too important to pass up. The obverse displays Washington in military uniform astride his horse. On the reverse is his famous Mount Vernon home, which he left to lead the fight for American independence. 30.6mm, 90% silver

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