U.S. 1892-1915 Liberty Barber Silver Half Dollar Trio, Good

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1892-1915 Liberty Barber Silver Half Dollar Trio, Good. Due to their comparatively low mintages, the vast majority of Liberty Head silver half dollars did yeoman service in America's bygone economy, leaving just a limited number for today's collectors. Substantially fewer remain than later Walking Liberty half dollars and far, far fewer than Franklin or Kennedy issues. U.S. Mint Chief Engraver Charles E. Barber was famous for his meticulous perfectionism. Because his Liberty Head engraving was to serve three different coin denominations (the dime, quarter and half dollar), he spent a great deal of time achieving a look of flawless classical balance. The reverse features the Presidential Seal which depicts an eagle holding an olive branch and arrows of preparedness. Our choice of dates in Good quality.