U.S. Morgan Silver Dollar 1885-S Brilliant Uncirculated

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San Francisco
Brilliant Uncirculated
90% Silver

The 1885-S San Francisco Mint issue is a tough find in Uncirculated quality, with just 3% of the original 1.5 million mintage is estimated to remain today. A vast number were held in storage and later melted during the two world wars. By contrast, up to three million of some earlier S-mint Morgans may currently survive.

The 1885-S compares favorably with another issue from that year. The lowest-mintage early Morgan was the Carson City 1885-CC: merely 228,000 were produced. Many more 1885-S Morgans were minted but far fewer survive today in mint state quality. And even though the S-mint BU issue is scarcer you'd pay three times as much for an 1885-CC BU! Our Brilliant Uncirculated quality has nice original luster and no sign of wear (some bags marks are present, as is normal).