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  • 1885-CC Morgan Silver Dollar Certified MS-64

    This issue's production of just 228,000 was the lowest Carson City mintage of the entire 28-coin series. That year, outputs from the three other mints ranged from 1.4 million to 17.7 million. Many 1885-CC dollars have been lost to melts and attrition,...

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  • 1885-CC Morgan Silver Dollar Very Fine

    The Carson City branch of the U.S.Mint was the smallest minting facility of the time. In 1885 during the heyday of Morgan production, its output of just 228,000 was the lowest CC mintage of the entire series. These coveted CC Morgan silver...

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  • U.S Morgan Silver Dollar 1885-P Extra Fine

    1885-P Morgan Silver Dollar Extra Fine

    Struck by the principal mint in the first decade of the Morgan series, a minimal number of these 1885 Philadelphia dollar survive today in collectible quality. Many were held in reserve when output and were later lost in government melts. Extra Fine...

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  • 1886-O Morgan Silver Dollar About Uncirculated

    1886-O New Orleans Morgan Silver Dollar, About Uncirculated. Just 1% of this issue's mintage is estimated to remain today. Mint-state specimens sell for $2,950! You'll pay well below that price for this one-step lower About Uncirculated quality. In 1886,...

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  • 1886-O Morgan Silver Dollar Certified MS-61

    Although mintage numbers should give the impression that this issue should be somewhat common, it has proved to be especially scarce in mint-state quality. A good number of specimens were released into commerce after production and worn to circulated...

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  • 1887-P Morgan Silver Dollar Certified MS-63

    Over 20 million 1887 Philadelphia Morgan silver dollars were struck as mintages were peaking in this popular series. However, a vast number of these were held in storage at the Treasury, and later melted down during the two world wars. Compared to other...

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