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  • U.S. Morgan Silver Dollar 1899-O Certified MS-64

    1899-O Morgan Silver Dollar Certified MS-64

    Most Morgan dollar issues of the New Orleans branch mint are not singled out for unusual minting excellence, but this 1899-O issue is cited for especially attractive luster. Of those surviving in mint-state quality, relatively few qualify for near-gem...

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    1900-P Morgan Silver Dollar Extra Fine

    This no-mintmark issue emerged from the principal Philadelphia Mint when a silver dollar was still a day's pay for some laborers. Just one Morgan dollar could pay for a day's room and board; even in major urban centers like New York City. Only a small...

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    1903-P Morgan Silver Dollar Certified MS-64

    With the exception of four key dates, fewer 1903 Morgans survive than any other date. This Philadelphia issue is the most affordable 1903 mint-state grade by far, especially considering that the New Orleans issue sells for over $800 and the San Francisco...

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    Now: $225.00
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    1908-1929 Indian Head $2 1/2 Gold Certified MS-62

    With just 7.3 million struck, Indian Head $2 ½ gold pieces had the lowest total mintage of any circulation U.S. gold coin of the past century. After the series' retirement, the U.S. Mint never again struck a $2 ½ gold coin for commerce...

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  • 1930s Colorized Buffalo Nickel

    These specially colorized legal tender Buffalo nickels from the Depression era each feature a readable date. The reverse engraving is enhanced with a high-definition colorization process giving it full color appeal. Each coin is encapsulated and...

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  • U.S. 1932 Washington Bicentennial 12-Stamp Set

    1932 Washington Bicentennial 12-Stamp Set

    For the 200th anniversary of George Washington's birth, this half cent to ten cent set presented different portraits he posed for from 1772 to 1795. The famous artists include Gilbert Stuart, John Trumbull, Charles W. Peale and Jean Antoine Houdon. The...

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    1935 $1 Silver Certificate Very Good

    U.S. 1935 $1 Silver Certificate, Very Good. These 1935 $1 silver certificates circulated while America was still in the depths of the Great Depression. That same year, Amelia Earhart made the first solo flight across the Pacific Ocean from Hawaii to...

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    Now: $8.00
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    U.S. 1938 Presidential Portraits 29-Stamp Set

    1938 Presidential Portraits 29-Stamp Set

    A great complement to the U.S. Mint's Presidential dollar series, this half cent to 50 cent set included tributes to all U.S. presidents from Washington to Taft, plus Ben Franklin and Martha Washington too. Our set does not include the three costly $1 to...

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    Now: $39.00
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